A sculptor who's a fan of the Krosmoz talks to us about his latest creation and explains his extraordinary profession.

You may have spotted his superb sculpture of Noximilian the Clockmaker on social media: Le Péon is a professional sculptor who is passionate about the Ankamaverse! We contacted him to find out more about his profession, and he agreed to give us some of his time. Today, he explains how he works with stone to create these superb frescoes.

Le Péon

Hello, everyone!

My name's Le Péon, and I'm a stonecutter with a passion for medieval fantasy universes. In this article, you can see, step by step, how to create a bas-relief of the Ioppest of Iops, the one I call Goultard the Barbarian!

To see this project through, I've chosen a piece of mid-firm limestone with a very fine grain, ideal for small detail.

The first step will be to draw the outline of the character and hollow out the background. 

I carve the stone by hand, with a small hammer and chisels, tools that haven't changed in thousands of years.

I can now attack the various parts of the body! You have to pay close attention to how the light projects onto the stone. A sharp edge will create a contrasting shadow whereas a rounded surface will give a gradient shadow.

Keeping that in mind, and playing with perspective, we add volume and give an impression of depth.

The work is complete! I spent about twenty-five hours sculpting it – it's sometimes a game of patience and concentration, especially when sculpting the links in the chain, but it's always immensely satisfying to finish a work such as this.

I hope my craftsmanship will have intrigued you. You can find all my fanart and other achievements on Twitter and Facebook.

I'd like to thank Ankama and everyone who is involved in breathing life into the universe of the Krosmoz – it's a constant source of inspiration!

See you soon, and "rock" on!