We thought it had been banished to another dimension, but it's here to make you shiver in fear! The Cursed Mystery Box is back with a new emote as a bonus, until Tuesday, November 6!

One year after it first appeared, the Cursed Mystery Box is back! Just in time for Al Howin. Coincidence? Hardly, given that it contains, along with other artifacts, a never-before-seen Shushu Emote able to turn its owner into a Shushu!

Its contents can now be revealed thanks to the courage (or should we say foolhardiness?) of a few reckless explorers!


  • Pumpkwin Costume
  • Lardevil Costume
  • Transparent Costume


  • Mummification Emote
  • Shushu Emote (new!)
  • Pony Costume

Rare Items

  • Ravishing Costume
Mummification Emote
Mummification Emote
Shushu Emote (new!)
Ravishing Costume
Ravishing Costume

Screw your courage to the sticking place: The Cursed Mystery Box is available in the Shop until Monday, November 6 11:59 PM CET for 2,000 OG!


  • Claim your Mystery Box here
  • Items are unlinked.