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Come tell us about your expectations for the 2019 WAKFU schedule.

As you know, we're currently working on the Nations 2.0: Our team is coming together to offer one of the biggest updates Wakfu has ever seen this December. We can't wait to be able to tell you more, and we're sure you're going to love what's new!

But our projects don't stop at the end of the year: We're already getting down to work on 2019. The first updates are already well under way, but we still have some flexibility for the end of the year (yes, we look a long way ahead!). 

Every day, we read your feedback on the forums and social media to guide our priorities. This year, we want to involve you more directly in this target-setting process for updates in the second half of 2019.
This will be done in two phases: firstly on the forum and secondly through a survey.

Phase 1:

  • Starting now and until Monday, the 8th of October, give us your ideas and suggestions for the game, and vote for what others suggest.
  • To do so, a new section is now available on the forum where you can take part. Note that this section has specific usage rules in order to make it easily readable, so please read them before posting anything.



Phase 2:

  • We'll make a list of the most popular ideas and suggestions, and put them to a vote in a survey open to all: We want all of you to have the chance to express your views.

At this stage, we clearly can't promise you we'll fulfill all your wildest dreams! Essentially, it's all about listening to you so we can harmonize our priorities with what you want as much as possible. When the time comes to share the results, we'll also take the time to explain why we're keeping certain ideas and not others. The aim is to listen to what you want and for you to understand our decisions!