The Beta server has been updated this Friday, August 17th. Discover the latest developments, changes, and don't forget to share with us your feedback!


  • Shadofang is not available for testing, but we have provided the equipment that you can loot from her. They can be found in a machine at Ecaflipus. We have sought for a new "style" of items to renew the game at level 200, read our devblog about it and give us your feedback!



  • Reduced the number of visual applications of states applied by a particular class. "Mechanic" states applied multiple times within a small number of actions no longer appear above characters.

Combat phases should be clearer. Examples of such states include: Great Clockmaker and Temporal Prism (Xelor), Humility (Feca), Heating and Pressure (Foggernaut), Weak Point (Sram), etc.


  • The Firedamp Explosion spell can now remove resistance.
  • Casting Firedamp Explosion on a mine from a distance will transfer it under the Enutrof, while also dropping the active mine on the target cell.


  • The Principio Valere spell will no longer affect a character carrying another character or the character being carried.


  • A creature summoned by the Osamodas can no longer execute a critical hit if its summoner has a 0% or lower critical hit rate.

The summoned creature has the same critical hit rate as its summoner, and this rate will update in real time. Previously, the creature would return to its base critical hit rate when that of its summoner was 0% or below.


  • The mobility effects of the Ouginak spells Big Dog and Tracking will properly apply to 9-cell bosses.


  • Pandawhack will apply or consume the Dizzy state before causing damage. This fix has the effect of correctly granting Armor to the Pandawa even if they kill the target with the spell.
  • Lactic Acid won't apply MP loss to allied targets in the spell's area of effect.
  • The Lock gain from Karchamrak and the resistance gain from the Pandemic passive will no longer be active when the Pandawa is carrying a target.
  • These bonuses will now be applied if the Pandawa carries a target via the Barrel spell by casting it directly on themself, and via the Bottomless Barrel passive.


  • Adds a clarification to the "Boomerang Dagger" Connection that reverses the odds of a critical hit and a normal hit:
  • The Boomerang Dagger spell cannot reapply this connection.


  • The link from K'mir will no longer be applied to a target that wasn't attracted via close combat with the Sadida.


  • Srams can no longer use the Go spell while being carried by a Pandawa.


  • Foggernauts will no longer be able to pass through Eliotrope portals while on the Motherfogger.


  • If a Masqueraider casts a mask spell while being carried, the mask will only be applied to the Masqueraider.
  • The effect of Revival will only be consumed on a target suffering damage or receiving healing from the Masqueraider.




  • The Equilidian Breeze and Mobeius Flow spells can no longer heal a character carrying another character or the character being carried.

Cloud Knight

  • The damage penalty from Lightning Reflexes now only lasts for one turn.


  • Damage and healing from the sidekick Hippolyre's reactions will be correct when Hippolyre performs a reaction without having the Ovation state.



  • The boss in Stone Perch (Wild Tofu Dungeon) will correctly lose resistance by walking on a Toful Trap.
  • Striches will correctly lose resistance when locked.

Adventure Islands

  • When a Pandawa turns into a Gobball while fighting the Great Wild Gobball, the Pandawa will throw the character they're carrying.
  • Player doubles summoned by Excarnates (Wild Estate) will no longer appear on an occupied cell.
  • Bwork Artifacts can no longer appear on a cell occupied by another Artifact.
  • Bwork Artifacts will no longer prevent players from casting spells in some circumstances.
  • The Out of Sync state from the main quest in Bilbiza will work the same as that of the Bilbiboyz family.
  • The Out of Sync state can increase based on a spell's MP cost.
  • The Migratory Crobak from the environmental quest "Migrating Crobak Invasion" in the Shhhudoku Kingdom will have the correct amount of health points for its level.
  • Hagen Daz: Undodgeable loss of max AP (as in the Eniripsa's Transcendence) can no longer remove levels of Supreme Icy Armor.
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice state of Spectrex the Tormentor will work properly at all Stasis levels.


  • Repeatable quests linked to certain events will no longer appear in the player's quest log when the event is over.
  • Added a tooltip to the game notifying the player of any events in progress when they log on (a single time).

Combat Challenges

Player Characters

  • The Dorsum and Versum challenges will no longer fail if player characters suffer damage equaling 0.


  • It will no longer be possible to fail the Archer, Barbaric, and Wily challenges if the attacker is a player Summons and meets the conditions of the challenge.


  • The Doubled and Tripled challenges no longer appear against the boss of the Lunar Altar Dungeon.
  • The Reprieve challenge will no longer appear against the boss of the Temple of the Grand Orrok Dungeon.
  • The All or Nothing challenge will no longer appear against the boss of the Whisper Crisper Dungeon.


  • Level 31 to 40 crafting recipes will require Powders of the correct level.
  • Recipes for crafting the mythic-rarity equipment from Kali will properly require the boss's resources.
  • Added recipes for powders and orbs crafted from Mineral Tower resources.
  • The quantities of rare and common resources are no longer switched in the recipe to improve the Viktorious Rapier.
  • Added a level 130 Baker recipe for crafting a Blackberry Pie.


Miscellaneous Items

  • The Three Pistes Set will correctly provide its items when disassembled.
  • The Otomai Initiate's Armor breastplate will properly have 3 rune slots.
  • The Cooling Kit costume will be visible on female characters.

Epic and Relic Runes

  • The Guard Up state will correctly reduce damage from Foggernaut Stasis spells, as well as the Fogginator spell.
  • There is a new machine in Astrub, in the tavern basement. This machine provides cosmetic items from the Dungeon Leaderboard, obtained from End-of-Season Chests and Ultimate Boss Chests, in exchange for a special "Stasis Rune Fragment" resource.
  • This resource is used to craft a pouch containing a random epic or relic rune with a recipe from the Handyman profession.


  • The NPC in Shusnitch Reef with the name Teslah Disciple is now called Ahr Khayuh.
  • The teleporter used to leave the Sage's House in the Present Xelorium no longer redirects the player outside the Explorancient's House.
  • Reduced the number of resources needed in the receptacles of Archmonsters in Moon Island. They're down from 500 to 100 for profession resources, and from 200 to 50 for monster resources.

Client Optimization

This update brings many changes to the client, making it more smoother and stable.

The optimizations are mainly aimed at improving the client's performance when traveling and when in populated areas. At this stage of Update 1.61's development, we can hardly estimate the precise effects of these changes on your gameplay experience. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the effects observed internally following these modifications:
  • Smoother movement, even after travelling long distances.
  • The performance on the arrival of a character in a populated area has been greatly improved (spawning/movement of the character to the area).
  • "Freezing after moving 18 cells" should no longer occur for the majority of configurations, except special cases (arriving in a very busy area - case for which performance has been improved).
  • In a more general way, the display of animated elements has been improved, the performances when many elements are displayed should be slightly better.

Come and try all of these new Beta changes, download the client and share with us your feedback on the forum!

Note: We ask you not to enter Wagnar's Castle for the moment. The exit portal is unavailable.