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A new inter-server tournament open to all communities is a perfect opportunity to meet new faces and see who's the strongest!

Announced last year and pushed back to make time for the PvP overhaul to reach the game, the WAKFU inter-server tournament is almost here! Here's what you need to know.

  • Recruiting Consulting Players

The goal here is to recruit consulting players for each community (FR, EN, ES, and PT) in order to help us with communication, brainstorming, and tournament organization. We want to put on this tournament hand-in-hand with our community in order to find the best formula for everyone's enjoyment!

To contact us about this, please see the FAQ below.

  • Forming Server Teams

The players from each server will have to form teams for the tournament and face off to reach a set number of teams per server who will face off against other teams in the inter-server tournament.

  • Ban System

We are going to set up a ban system during the tournament to allow players to exclude certain characters before the start of each combat. In our view, this adds a new strategic dimension, letting the most attentive players to throw a spanner in the opposing team's works.

  • Tournament Broadcasting

We will initially be offering an AnkamaLive for each major fight. We also plan on inviting players to comment the matches along with us from time to time!

In addition to that, we'd like to recruit independent streamers so that they can broadcast the tournament on their own channels and therefore in the various community languages. Of course, everyone is free to broadcast the tournament, but these streamers will help with organization and have official status giving them extras for their viewers!

To contact us about this, please see the FAQ below.

PvP Tournament FAQ

  • When is the tournament going to be held?

After summer vacation is over, to give everyone time to get back from vacation. Also, please note that the tournament will be long-running, with fights every week.

  • Where will the tournament happen?

The tournament will be in Ecaflipus, on the beta server. The FR contacts have sent us a list of map bugs, and the team is going to address them so that the tournament can happen under the best possible conditions!

  • Will there be stuff and specific levels to follow?

The tournament on the beta server will let everyone level up to 200. Next, special machines containing all the equipment in the highest level groups will be made available so that players can kit themselves out however they like. Indeed, we think that equipment is part of advance strategic planning, and therefore has a role in the PvP aspect of the tournament because it reflects fighters' specific skills. Rune use will, of course, be included in the upcoming reflections!

  • How many players will there be per team?

Our initial thought is 3v3 fighting, starting from 6-character teams, because that seems most interesting to us.

  • Will heroes be allowed?

Yes, but limited to 1 per person. We would like each team to be composed of at least three real players. Accordingly, dual accounts will not be allowed.

  • What will the tournament prizes be?

Mystery and suspense! We can't say anything yet, but we can promise that the prizes will be tip-top!

  • How can Owlie be contacted to help set up the tournament or make suggestions?

Your CCM is available everywhere:

  • on the forums via Ankabox messaging to [Owlie]
  • on Twitter via the @OwlieWakfu account or just @Wakfu_FR
  • on Facebook via private message to the "WAKFU - Le Jeu en ligne" account
  • on Discord, by joining the official server via private message to Owlie#4631
  • or by email to [email protected]
Don't forget to state the reason for your message. For example:
PVP TOURNAMENT – Application: Official PvP EN Streamer
PVP TOURNAMENT – Consulting Player
  • What will happen next?

You cannot wait to learn more about the tournament? Keep an eye on the website as a new article about it will be published soon. This time we will talk about the exclusive ban system imagined by consulting players who are bursting with good ideas!