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Q&As, interviews, games, exclusives, gifts... This is Ankama Live, our Twitch meetup with the community!

Ankama invites its communities to a special live gathering! Developers, artists, game designers will exchange ideas, answer your questions, reveal exclusives, or simply talk about their passion with you.

We'll meet you on Tuesday, July 31st 6:00 PM CEST on our Twitch channel, Ankama Live. [koaxX], our Sound Designer, will be our show's guest, presented as always by [Owlie]!

On the program for Tuesday, July 31: 

  • The Big Reveal: Find out who is this we've been seeing in our social networks, giving us a big smile and what will their role be?
  • What does a Sound Designer do?
  • Live recording of Update 1.61's sounds.
  • Join our mini-game and win a Twitch Costume!
  • Q&A with [koaxX].
  • Discover the work of passionate artists from the WAKFU universe.
  • We will end with even more revelations about our mysterious silhouette so stay with us!
Win a Twitch costume! 

Our goal with Ankama Live is to be closer to you, and listen to your feedback so we hope to see you for this fourth Ankama Live!
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Note: The livestream will be in French but as it is about sound design and animations, anyone could enjoy it! As usual, we will write a recap afterwards for all the communities.