We’re back with the latest edition of Community Spotlight. Prepare to be fascinated with the creations of the WAKFU community!

Here's our monthly roundup of the many talents that our community has to offer.

Shimchufu, FR. Facebook :
The JINXEN, FR. ArtStation :
Dark Erishea, ES. Facebook :
LittleEmily, PT.
GrumpyVivi, ES.
K0natha, ES. Deviantart :
PUNXSimon, EN. Deviantart :
Kind0w, FR. Deviantart :
Oopaupauoo, FR.
AphroditeRush, ES.
Martisma, FR.
Arosuke, EN.
Sandra Queraa, FR. Twitter :
Aquatikelfik, FR. Deviantart :
Narutosasuke2, FR.
Hoopyon, EN. Twitter :
Okrita, ES. Deviantart :
Augaroma, FR. Twitter :

If you wish to send us your creations, check our previous news to learn how. We look forward in receiving your masterpiece! 

Note: We have received an overwhelming response, unfortunately we are unable to post everything in one go. Do not worry, we will highlight them all in the coming months!