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Many of you have shared your comments about the Rogue's revamp. We share with you today the changes we've made after listening to your feedback! Discover all the changes in the Beta server!

Les Bombes (Bombs): some have higher cost but inflicts more damage

  • The Fire Bomb changed to 4 AP. It's damage has doubled.
  • The Earth Bomb changed to 3 AP. It's damage has increased by 50%.
  • The number of Bombs of each element is limited to 3 per team (instead of 3 per Rogue).
  • Each Elemental Bomb can only be summoned once per turn per team.
  • The description of the Fire Bomb will specify that the bomb removes 2 Range.
  • Earth spells, except Tromblon (Blunderbuss), will deal a lot of damage to Bombs.

Boote (Boot): polishing of the mechanics
  • No longer needs line of sight.
  • Range of 1-6, instead of 2-6.
  • Can no longer be casted on a Bomb, use on an empty cell.
  • The spell now moves the nearest Bomb (which is in the same line, or diagonal) on the target cell. The spell can be used to bring a bomb closer, or farther, but only in the same line or the same diagonal.
  • The connection effect is generated only if a bomb has been moved.

Pulsar: change of concept
  • Now costs 2 AP and 1 WP.
  • Can be used once per turn.
  • Inflicts Earth damage in the area (approximately 3 AP).
  • Consumes all the remaining MP.
  • If the spell is used at the beginning of the turn, the damage is doubled but the cooldown increases to 2 turns.

Mur de Poudre (Powder Wall): less immediate
  • The spell now has a 3 turn cooldown. 
  • The powder remains in the field for 2 turns.
  • Powder is no longer consumed when a character already has the effect.
  • The damage has been reviewed: 3 AP of dmg + 0.6 per Combo (instead of 2 + 1 per Combo)
  • The damage of the Powder Wall is now indicated in its description.

Mitraille (Machine Gun): more connections
  • Connexion (Connection): increases all damage lines of the next AoE spell.

Fumigènes (Smoke): new addition!
  • Costs 1 WP.
  • Cooldown of 3 turns.
  • Applies the "Smoke" state to the Rogue for 2 turns.
  • Smoke: when Rogue Fire spells are casted diagonally, their effects are extended by 2 cells and their damage becomes AoE damage.
  • Connexion (Connection): doubles the damage of Tir Croisé (Cross Fire).

  • When the player has the passives K-Boom and Gadgets évolués (Evolved Gadgets) in his deck, Dynamite will no longer suffer from a bug that had a 50% chance to prevent the spell from being able to launch on itself.
  • Reconversion (Boombot's spell): The copied bomb has been improved: it will have the same max and current HPs, combo level, number of times it won combo, Barbrûlé (Barbed Fire) resistance and Dynamite level. Note that the other effects that the bomb can receive are not copied, for example, all types of protection.

Important: Some of the Rogue effects have been translated but it is not yet complete. In addition, the latest modified or added effects may not be translated or may not have the correct descriptions.

Discover all of the changes in the Beta server!