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In preparation for Ankama Live #2, we are giving you feedback on relevant questions asked on our previous stream!


Ratata66 : Are you thinking about further changing the Sacrier ?

The Sacrier has already undergone a redesign in early 2017 which we are fully satisfied with the mechanics and the playability.

Nevertheless, it turned out that the Sacrier was too strong (in PvP and PvM) because of the way the "Clinging to Life" passive worked. The latter being free and permanent, it did not leave enough possible "counters" to his opponents, and did not encourage the Sacrier to play the Berserker gameplay wisely: if the Sacrier can enjoy powerful effects when he has few HP it's because the risk has to be rewarded. No risk, no reward.

On the other side, we have slightly improved the less played or less powerful spells of the Sacrier to make them more attractive.

We will remain attentive to the Sacrier's statistical indicators, as well as your returns, to apply further adjustments in future updates if necessary.
SirJauneDeau : Could it be possible to add a resurrection spell to Pandawa (specialized in healing and under certain conditions)?

It would only be possible with a complete redesign of the class, and if we choose to reinforce its "support" aspect. So it's not planned for the moment.


xXBlackFireXx : A more transparent way to see the possible gain / loss of merit before starting a fight? (It would avoid attacking players using the adjusted level system who will give 0 merit).

Since teammates could join your target's side, it is impossible to determine potential merit losses and gains in advance.

We also do not want to encourage players to achieve 1v1, or to spare targets that do not earn them merit: it is a battlefield, the goal is to exterminate your opponents.

Eliaoo : Would it be possible to add to the global score (already present at the top left of our screen), a personal score (whether at the bottom of the window, below, as you want)? 

We do not wish to display the personal score of the players to avoid further promoting self-centered behaviours such as neglecting the battlefield's common goals to perform selfish actions. There are already enough problems of this type with merit gains.

Nem-er : In order to make battlefields more attractive to everyone, do you plan to add rewards other than PvP ones?

There are already other rewards: it is possible to obtain PvM items.

Nem-er : With the arrival of the heroic / free-for-all battlefields, shouldn't you re-balance their rewards?

Actions in these battlefields already make it easier to get better scores (to the condition that you win for the heroic modes!), and therefore get better rewards.

Nevertheless, do not hesitate to give us your feedback on this subject if you consider that it is currently not sufficiently rewarding. On our side, we will remain attentive to the statistical indicators and will make adjustments accordingly if necessary.


Tynox-LG : is it planned to add the Huppermage and Ouginak emblems in game?

Eventually, we want to separate the visual granted by the class emblems from the statistical bonus, by creating a "class costume" on the one hand and an emblem giving bonuses on the other hand.

It has not been planned yet for the moment.

Sylverteurz : A bag for event items? I hate to throw things you can get during a limited time event, but it takes a ton of space. A bag for consumables?

It is not possible to create a bag specifically for event items. Consumables can be stored in boxes such as the "Adventurer box". It is not planned to add new types of bags at the moment.


Sacripon : Is there more work going on around the Brotherhood of the Tofu? (more quests around the BG of the characters and less of this repetitive side, as well as quests around Yugo, Amalia and Evangelyne)

Members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu arrived in game with some first quests and possible interactions. The incorporation of the members of the Brotherhood in game was a key step. We will continue in the future to create stories that will allow you to meet them.

Azuranto : Given that the Brotherhood is present in the game, will Nox be the new Ultimate Boss?

He is not the next Ultimate Boss. However, it is not impossible that it will appear in game one of these days!

thedumb : Will we ever have the chance to see the Tree Keeholo in game since it is impossible for it to be under the water?

This is not planned at the moment, but it is not impossible.

Sacripon : are bonuses planned for monsters groups that have not been attacked for a long time?

This system works well on DOFUS but could not be implemented in the same way on WAKFU where many zones are instantiated (ex: dungeons) or reserved for certain players (ex: Haven Worlds).

We're keeping your questions warm concerning Stasis dungeons, guilds, nations, potential newcomers in the game ... And we will answer them during the stream on Tuesday, April 17 at 6:00 PM (Paris time)! So get ready because we managed to get you nice spoilers from our Game Designers!