Last March, we launched the Show Off Your Creativity project to honor the diverse talents of our passionate players. Today, discover their masterpiece and get ready to be dazzled!

As promised, here's our monthly roundup of the many talents that our community has to offer!

A lot have sent us their creations, and we loved all of them! In fact, we've shared a few during Ankama Live. To keep the ball rolling, here are more wonderful creations!

AngieZuu (ES)
CianeC (FR)
Giovanna (ES)
TCr4zyBlaz/iKat (ES)
TCr4zyBlaz/iKat (ES)
Lesseras (ES)
Lord Bastoura (FR)
Maiyaku (FR)
Oopaupauoo (FR)
RoboTrigger (EN)
RoboTrigger (EN)
Sahefi (ES)
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Sting-Shotter (EN)

SirJauneDeau (FR)
SirJauneDeau (FR)
If you wish to send us your creations for our next spotlight, check our previous news to learn how.

We look forward in receiving your great work. Thanks again to everyone and see you soon!

Note: We received so many creations that we were not able to post everything. But do not worry, we will share all the creations in the next months.