Season 3 of WAKFU is finally coming to Netflix worldwide tomorrow. Come help us out with it!

After a long wait outside of France, we're just a few hours away from the worldwide release of WAKFU Season 3 on Netflix, and the stakes equal the scale of the event.

This release is a crucial moment for the series, because the days following the arrival of Season 3 to Netflix will determine the show's future.

Although many of you outside France have seen the series on streaming platforms with fan-produced subtitles, we still need a little help from you!

Just like us, you're anxiously waiting for the next chapter of our favorite brotherhood's adventures to be announced. But for a Season 4 to be possible, Netflix needs to see that WAKFU the series has a real community behind it, ready to support it!

There's a simple way to support us! If you have a Netflix subscription, all you have to do is watch this latest season. It's as easy as that!

So if you want to help us bring a Season 4 to the world, you know what to do!

To mark this global release, you can discover, in the last update of WAKFU the MMO for PC, the members of the brotherhood, younger than a few years.

You will also find two new in-game items inspired by this worldwide release and the members of the brotherhood.