Before it was an MMORPG, Wakfu was an animated series telling the story of the Brotherhood of the Tofu, a group of adventurers scouring the World of Twelve for answers! But what's the connection to the game?

Our MMORPG is set a few years before the series, but Xelor never stops working and time goes by! We are therefore slowly catching up with the series. So, what does that mean for WAKFU the game?

As you noticed with the arrival of the Brotherhood of the Tofu in update 1.59, which is rapidly approaching, we're getting closer and closer to the series. This is why we've decided to pick up the events in our favorite cartoon.

We want to recreate episodes from the series with you in the WAKFU MMORPG! But how, you might ask? Everyone will get their own role in order to reproduce each scene: Black Crow, the Puddly from the back right in episode 5 of season 1, the Gobbowl Ball from episode 11… Everyone will have a role in this live recreation of each episode!

Some of the roles have already been assigned, such as the Noxines, which are fully cast. They have already begun their new lives in Astrub and Bilbiza today. You should go see these truly talented players: They have really embraced their roles and seem totally real.

However, they are not very talkative, as they have fully embraced their acting responsibilities. And they're right to do so because, as the ToU clearly stipulate, any player who refuses to play their assigned role will be teleported to the moderator jail for the duration of the event. We're counting on you to take your roles seriously.

We hope that you will like this new page in the WAKFU history, and that we can all have fun together. So, what character would you like to play? Learn what your role will be by taking our personality test: "Become the creature you've always dreamed of being."

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