In the next update, you'll have the chance to see some familiar faces in-game… and some pretty famous ones, at that! Before fate brought them together, the members of the Brotherhood of the Tofu were each doing their own very different things around the World of Twelve.

Long before he was the stingy and somewhat cowardly Enutrof we know today, Ruel was… a stingy and somewhat cowardly Enutrof, but also an opportunistic bounty hunter! He has stopped over in Astrub to help out the mercenaries… or more accurately, to take advantage of some naive young recruits seeking glory.

In another corner of the rebuilt city, two Iops are looking for a place to train and – you guessed it! – get stronger. Young Percedal of Sadlygrove has just started his training with Goultard, the perfect choice for whipping "Perper" into shape.

A bit further out in the Amakna Countryside, in the hamlet of Emelka, Yugo is all grown up. He's not skilled enough yet to help Alibert cook his Gobball Stew and serve the customers at the inn, but his heart is in the right place! You'll see him reading the chef's book of homemade recipes, together with his loyal pal Az.

And finally, hidden away in the heart of the Sadida Forest, two flowers have started to bloom, even as another fades… Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm and Evangelyne are by King Sheran Sharam's side, and keep themselves busy with a little help from Canar and Renata. Amalia has always had a creative streak – much to Evangelyne's chagrin. She's never really appreciated the princess's creations…

You'll be able to do a few activities on Astrub while spending time with some of these characters.

Ruel will offer to send you on a bounty hunter quest through Astrub, where you'll first have to track a thief back to his lair. But these hunts are never quite as easy as they seem, and you'll have to take this matter all the way to the Court if you want to see it resolved. Once the guilty party has been judged and put behind bars, Ruel will give you your part of the bounty – including not only experience and kamas, but also a title and an exclusive emote!

Once you've completed this quest, you'll be able to take on a series of "Miniarch and the Archies" quests from Ruel. This series includes 40 different quests in which you'll be sent to kill an archmonster of your level or lower, until you've fought every archmonster in the game at least once. Each quest will give you XP, but also tokens of the same level as the quest. Better yet, for every 5 quests you complete from this series, you'll gain a title and plans for some awesome new equipment.

Meanwhile, at the Kanojedo, Goultard will call on you every 4 days to train Percedal against a monster from Astrub. He'll give you a Iop Whistle that you can use to summon Percedal to your side in the next fight you start. Beating the monster with Dally's help will give you experience – as well as an Almoken. After 5 training sessions, you'll receive a special title and additional Almokens. These quests are repeatable, and you'll fight a different random monster each time.