To accompany the worldwide release of WAKFU: The Series on NETFLIX on April 1, 2018, ANKAMA is developing a new adventure game for mobile devices. It's the perfect way to discover the extended KROSMOZ universe that WAKFU is a part of – a mix of animation, video games and graphic novels.

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[UPDATE] The application is now available on Google Play and IOs!

Although it's still in the design phase, the time has come to share more details about our new mobile game, WAKFU: The Brotherhood.

Just in time for the worldwide release of season 3 of WAKFU: The Series, exclusively on NETFLIX, ANKAMA is developing a mobile minigame entitled WAKFU: The Brotherhood. The game provides a transmedia link between WAKFU: The Series and the WAKFU massively multiplayer online game on PC. 
WAKFU: The Brotherhood will be a minigame in which you play as the heroes of the Brotherhood, Yugo and his friends, working to thwart Nox's plans to invade the World of Twelve.

The mobile game is an introduction to the WAKFU universe, and will help players to better understand the connections between the series and the PC game. You will play as Yugo and his faithful allies in an adventure that puts you toe-to-toe with Nox, Master of Time, and his demonic scheme to devour the Wakfu of all living beings. You'll take on Nox and his army of robots, the Noxines, to put a stop to his deadly and relentless quest to seize the life energy of the World of Twelve's inhabitants. Timed to coincide with the release of the mobile game, WAKFU the massively multiplayer online game on PC will receive an update that sheds light on the younger years of the protagonists from the series. For now, though, we prefer to keep the contents of this update a surprise, except to tell you that it will have the same name as the new mobile game.

In an original story that takes place at the start of the first season of the NETFLIX series, you'll bash, smash, and obliterate Nox's robotic armies and use combos to take down the evil Master of Time! WAKFU: The Brotherhood will be available very soon on Google Play and in the App Store.

Once you start exploring, you'll never want to go back!