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On Friday, February 16, we opened the Beta to have you test our reworked version of Huppermage over the weekend. Today, we're getting back to you to discuss your feedback.

During the last Beta, you had the chance to try out the new Huppermage. We carefully read your feedback on the forums and we made some changes to better meet your expectations.

We hope you like these changes. Feel free to tell us what you think of them by leaving comments to this post. Your opinion is important to us!

Elemental Spells


  • 3 casts per turn (instead of 2)

Allows you to more effectively penetrate a target's armor and defenses.


  • Damage increased by 10%

The limitation of casting in a straight line is better rewarded.


  • Critical Hit steals 7% (instead of 4%) for each target hit.

Makes the gains from critical hits much more significant when the spell hits multiple targets.


  • Requires a water rune to generate armor (instead of fire).

The rune used by this spell wasn't good and caused an imbalance among the branches.

Diurnal Butterflies

  • Needs an earth rune to grow (instead of air)

Allows you to avoid undesired effects when Diurnal Butterflies is cast a second time because the spell itself will have generated an air rune.


  • Switches places with the target before inflicting damage.

Allows you to occupy the targeted cell even if the spell kills the target.

Active Spells

Solar Stronghold

  • The damage reduction for Solar Stronghold is now based on the Huppermage's level. This reduction varies from -250 for level 1 up to -1200 for a level-200 player.

Just like for other classes and other spells, it was unusual that its effect wasn't based on a player's level.

Principio Valere

  • Costs 2 AP (instead of 3)
  • Can be cast as far as 5 cells (instead of 4)

Gives this spell more flexibility.



  • Abundance is limited to 40 levels (as opposed to 50 before).

When used to its maximum capacity, this passive was a little too powerful, especially ever since we increased the damage of elemental spells.

Soul Development

  • Reduces the QB cost of light spells by 10-15% (instead of 15-20%)
  • Increases the Solar Stronghold damage reduction by 15% (30% at level 2).

The sum of the different Quadramental Breeze cost reductions for the spells was becoming too much, especially after removing the negative trade-off that this passive previously had. To off set this change, this passive gains a new effect that can render Solar Stronghold more powerful at higher levels.


  • The state of Flux and Reflux lasts until the Huppermage's next spell. The damage from the next spell is increased by 15-30%, and after this spell, the Huppermage gains 50 Elemental Resistance for the turn.

This passive was not rewarded well enough because the effect obtained had to be used right away even though it had an effect that could be useful during an entire turn. Thus, we revised the bonuses awarded for greater consistency.