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The Beta server has been updated this Friday, February 16th. Come and discover the latest developments and changes, share with us your feedback. Be careful, the Beta will close on Monday!

The Huppermage gets a makeover in Update 1.59! Come try this new version in our new Beta. Attention, it closes on Monday at 3:00 PM CET!

The year 2018 is still fresh, and fighting rages on in the new Battlefields, but you may already be wondering what the next update has in store!

Without revealing everything, we'd like to go ahead and share some of the class balancing that's to come. Given that these changes will be implemented gradually, we propose to do the following: one class at a time, we'll present our intended changes and allow you to test them successively in the Beta!


Released in early 2016, the Huppermage class has taken quite a while to reveal its potential. Easy to learn but difficult to master, this class features complex gameplay, the potential of which is unlocked progressively as the Huppermage levels up.

It nevertheless suffers from flaws that we'll attempt to correct with this update:

  • Lack of damage early in the game
  • Lack of fluidity in Rune management
  • Effects requiring setup over several turns without much reward

As such, here is a brief description of the improvements we'll be making:

  • Damage early in the game: Increasing the ratio of elemental damage to AP.
  • More fluid gameplay: Reducing the AP costs of numerous spells (Resonance, Collapse, Eclipse, Diurnal Butterflies, Dancing Shadows).
  • Choice of dominant Mastery: A spell of each element costing 2 AP steals Mastery of the element used. Also, the Mastery generated now depends on the last Rune generated, not the Runes possessed.
  • More distinct elemental branches: Secondary effects of elemental spells will be updated.
  • Willo-the-Wisp and Visio Imperum will be fully reworked.

Test all the new features offered by our Game Designers this weekend and give us your feedback in this topic. Your opinion is very important for our team! It allows us to know if we are going in the good direction. So do not hesitate to tell us what you think about it.

Here is the detailed changelog of the Huppermage changes.

Changelog Huppermage

The Runes mechanic:

  • The runes no longer generate %Mastery bonus/penalty.
  • The last rune applied by the Huppermage grants them a mastery bonus in the rune’s element (10%).

Elementary spells:

We increased the damage of all the elementary spells.
Energy Flux

  • Steals fire mastery (2 turns) to the target in addition to the other effects.
  • We increased the damage by 20%.


  • Now costs 3 AP instead of 4.
  • Limited to 2 uses per turn.
  • We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced.

Light of Dawn

  • No longer applies incurable.
  • We increased the damage by 5%.


  • Steals water mastery (2 turns) to the target in addition to the other effects.
  • Downpour is now cast in line.
  • No longer teleports the target onto the Will-o-wisp.
  • Can only be cast 3 times on a same target per turn.
  • We increased the damage by 20%.


  • The spell no longer removes % critical hit to the target but give a %critical hit bonus to the caster instead.
  • Walloping is now cast in line.
  • We increased the damage by 20%.


  • No longer removes AP but removes %critial hit to the targets (in area) instead.
  • We increased the damage by 20%.


  • Costs 2 AP instead of 3.
  • Steals earth mastery (2 turns) to the target in addition to the other effects.
  • No longer removes armor to the target.
  • Can only be cast 3 times on a same target per turn.
  • We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced.


  • Costs 3 AP instead of 4.
  • No longer steals armor. Instead, the huppermage will gain armor for each impacted target if the Huppermage has the fire rune.
  • We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced. 

Rift (Faille on the Beta)
  • Replaces Eclipse. Rift (Faille on the Beta) is a single-target distance damage spell that costs 4 AP. It consumes the earth rune to generate an earth armor on the Huppermage.

Diurnal Butterflies

  • Costs 2 AP instead of 3.
  • It requires an air rune to push from 1 cell or a water rune to attract from 1 cell.
  • If the Huppermage has a fire rune, the spell’s capacities will de doubled. As an example, it will push from 2 cells instead of one.
  • Can only be cast 3 times on a same target per turn.
  • We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced.

Dancing Shadows

  • Costs 3 AP instead of 4.
  • We balanced the damage due to its cost being reduced. 

Light Spells:

Shiny Orbs

  • We reduced the basic range of the spell (1-4 instead of 1-6).
  • We reduced the spell’s area of effect when cast on a Will-o-the-Wisp: the spell will deal damage in a cross shaped AoE (size 1). The propagation visual will be different.


  • Is now part of the earth branch (instead of Light Arrow).
  • No longer spreads on the Will-o-the-Wisp. Lifesteal: 30% of the damage dealt to the targets in the spell’s area.

Light Sword

  • We increased the life steal potential of the spell from 20% to 30% for each active rune. The spell now deals two lines of damage (for the same amount of damage dealt by one spell before). 

Light Arrow

  • Is now part of the water branch (instead of Glistening Halo).
  • Limited to 1 use per target, per turn.

Glistening Tears

  • The Huppermage’s critical damage are increased by 60% (instead of 25%) but loses 20% critical hit for one turn.

Glistening Halo 

  • The spell no longer puts a mark dealing AoE damage around the target. Instead, the spell now inverts the target’s amount of dodge and lock. It also inflicts light damage if the target is an enemy. 

Active spells


  • Costs 1 AP. The spell can be cast twice per turn. Range 1-3 (cannot be modified, no line of sight).
  • Onto an empty cell: Puts a Will-o-the-Wisp and transfers the last rune created by the Huppermage onto it.
  • On a Will-o-the-Wisp: Removes the Will-o-the-Wisp. The Huppermage receives a random spell from the rune’s element (that they don’t already have in their spell deck), the rune and 2 AP.
  • The number of Will-o-the-Wisp on the field depends on the Huppermage’s control.

Visio Imperum, is renamed as Principio Valere

  • Costs 3 AP. Cooldown of 2 turns. Range 1-4 (cannot be modified, no line of sight).
  • Praecipio Valere applies an effect to the target depending on the last rune created by the Huppermage.
  • Fire: Applies “incurable” (level 5) and “sharing” (Partage on the Beta): When the target receives healings, everyone around it in a size 2 circle will also receive them (for 1 turn).
  • Water : Teleports the target onto the closest Will-o-the-Wisp (maximum 6 cells).
  • Terre : Stabilises the target (1 turn). 
  • Air : Teleports the Huppermage onto the targeted cell.

Passive spells

New Breath

  • No longer removes elemental resistances.
  • When the Huppermage has an air rune, when dealing air damage, the Huppermage will also apply levels of a new state " New Breath" depending on the level of the passive spell.
  • New Breath increases the damage received by the target (that have the state) during the next turn of the Huppermage.

Soul development

  • No longer heals the Huppermage depending on the earth damage dealt. No longer deals damage to the Huppermage depending on the Light spell they cast. 
  • Unlock the spell “Eclipse”. 


  • Costs 2 AP, range 1-4 (can be modified).
  • Eclipse removes a big amount of armor in an cross-shaped area (size 1): from -100 (level 1) to – 3000 (level 200). Cooldown: 4 turns.

  • Increases Light Arrow's limitation to 2 uses per target, per turn.

  • We decreased the amount of damage given by the passive (from 15 to 10 at level 1, and from 20 to 15 at level 2 of the passive).


  • The client now works with Java 8 instead of Java 6. It is no longer possible to launch Wakfu with a version of Java less than 8. The code is however not compiled in Java 8, but still in Java 6. The Linux updater will now work with a JRE. Do not hesitate to report any problem encountered!
  • The launch parameters of Wakfu have been modified accordingly, it is likely that you note improved performance during your gaming sessions. Feel free to report any problem encountered!