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This year, the freezing month of February won't be so harsh. Who do you have to thank for this? Eniripsa, the most loving and benevolent goddess there is! First it was the Eniripsa Pack, and now the Cocodrile pet is being offered in a flash sale, available in the Shop for 5,000 Ogrines. You only have until February 22 to make it yours!

From February 19 11:00 AM CET through February 22, snap up this adorable new pet! Besides the snow, an avalanche of love will descend on the World of Twelve this month. We know you've got some to spare, too. Don't deny it! You're in luck, because starting today a little creature that's begging to be loved is now in the Shop.

With its sharp fangs and bulging eyes, the Cocodrile pet might be unnerving to some. But just remember: the month of February is all about unconditional love! Appearance isn't everything! And just because this pet looks like it might swallow you whole, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be spoiled rotten.  

So adopt one now! 


cocodrile pet