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Since love is in full swing in the World of Twelve during Saint Ballotwine, and due to the fact that Season 3 of the series WAKFU will soon be released worldwide on Netflix, we took the chance to ask ToT to talk to us about sweet nothings, especially those that bring Yugo and Amalia together. In other words, he didn't need dragging into it!

Hello ToT, and thank you for giving us an interview that promises to be full of love, since it'll be the main topic! For Saint Ballotwine and the upcoming release of WAKFU Season 3 worldwide on Netflix, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit the complicated relationship between Yugo and Amalia. Can you remind us what lies at the heart of this love story?

ToT: What's interesting with Yugo and Amalia is that they met in their prepubescent years. At that point, it's more a question of discovery than love. We saw them growing up until Season 3, at which point they're around 20 years old. In other words, it's getting serious! We know they love each other, but there's a major problem: Yugo doesn't have the same relationship with time as common mortals; he ages more slowly, which is why he still has his young looks. As for Amalia, she indeed has a woman's body, and the questions that go along with it. Or, moreover, the answers, since she is ready to take the next step, unlike Yugo. It's an almost impossible love.

Is that what you like most about this relationship? The fact that it's "almost" impossible?

ToT: Actually, it's one of the things I like most between the two: the fact that the conclusion is uncertain. It will definitely make its mark on the end of the series, but in a larger sense, it will also determine it, be it in a good or bad way. I love this bittersweet relationship. It's completely different from Percedal's and Evangelyne's relationship, which is –let's say – richer.

The greatest obstacle in this story is the fact that Yugo grows out of sync. Could you tell us a bit about it?

ToT: From that point of view, Yugo is close to a vampire. Don't make me say what I didn't say: There's nothing Gothic or out-dated about Yugo! But vampires are everlasting creatures who fall in love with humans, who are supposed to live for a short time, compared to them. This border and this desire to look beyond is what makes vampires quintessentially romantic characters. In the same way, Yugo will live for a long time. He has lived –and will live – several lives. Compared to him, Amalia is just a little passing flower. That's the beauty of this relationship: It makes Yugo a romantic character.

Personally, at the start, I found a little bit of Padme and Anakin from the Star Wars series: the age difference, a princess's responsibilities, etc. Was that one of the things that inspired you?

ToT: No, to be honest, I'm not a big Star Wars fan. I didn't really follow what happened after the original trilogy. What's more, I was influenced by the squire, who increased his fulfillment of the bravery and loyalty toward the princess. It's kind of like an earthworm in love with a star. It's nothing compared to her. Yugo was the son of an innkeeper, whereas Amalia always lived in a castle. Except that along the way, there was a complete upheaval, and things got mixed up. Actually, Yugo is the king of his people and, what's more, he's immortal!

Did you enjoy it? Then read the rest of this interview at the end of Gamakna #6!