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It's always spring someplace in the World of Twelve (since we say so), and when spring is sprung, it should be sung! Until Monday, February 26, hit 'em where it hurts: Spring Gobballs and the Occult Cult! Head to Astrub, where you'll find achievements, challenges, quests, and gifts!

Let's start with the gifts – that'll refresh the memories of the more seasoned players and will inspire the more novice ones:

  • 1 main quest concerning Ogrest's Cult, rewarded with the Occult Cult Costume
  • 3 achievements allowing you to win a Round Table, a Crate of Firecrackers, and an Ornamental Carpet to personalize your Haven Bag
  • Repeatable quests provided by Katrina Slevastan (Guild of Hunters' Camp in Astrub), rewarded with tokens allowing you to collect the following from the Spring Machine:
    • Spring Has Spring Firecracker
    • Rice Pudding
    • Red Envelope
    • Baby Redwood Stool
    • Jar
    • An exclusive pet: the Tamed Abomination

In addition to that, you can collect the Spring Has Sprung Hat from all monsters in all zones!

Yes, because you'll also need to fight a little, all the same: Especially in Astrub, where – except for in the center – the Occult Cult Members will be bursting out of the sewers without warning. And as if that wasn't enough, Spring Gobballs will be doing their best to make sured you get gored!

However, don't get too worried: Since it's the month of Eniripsa, you'll always be able to find a kind soul to provide care for you. Especially as you'll need to be on top form for an upcoming event: WAKFU's birthday!

In the meantime, enjoy the Spring Has Sprung festival from 11:00 AM (server time) on Friday, February 16 until 10:00 AM (server time) on Monday, February 26!