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Five days, two tickets a day… That's ten chances to win a gift to celebrate Saint Ballotwine! Starting from tomorrow, and until February 18, you'll be scratching! But you've got nothing to fear: The month of Eniripsa is starting, and you'll soon have what you need to stop the itching.

Saint Ballotwine without Love Tickets would be like a stew without any Gobball, Yugo without Amalia, or a Bwork without pimples: unthinkable! So, the Love Tickets are back! Every day, check if you're lucky in the game (and as for love, that's entirely up to you) by feverishly scratching your two tickets… and see if you win the in-game prizes:

  • Flannelette Cushion (deco)
  • Bouquet of Red Roses (deco)
  • Romantic Chair (deco)
  • allotwine Bed (deco)
  • Candlelit Table (deco)
  • Candy Apple (consumable, level 15 Wisdom)
  • Ice-Cream Cone (consumable, level 15 Prospecting)
  • Wise Sweetie (consumable, level 100 Wisdom)
  • Pink Gobball Costume

Everyone can take part: all you need is to have made a purchase in the Shop as of January 1, 2018 or you currently have an active Booster.

Relax your fingers and get ready: You'll receive two scratch card Love Tickets every day between 12:01 AM CET on Wednesday, February 14 until 11:59 PM CET on Sunday, February 18!

play the love ticket