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Kwismas season is here! Share your holiday cheer by participating in this fanart contest and win spectacular prizes! The contest starts today until the 18th of December!

Join our drawing contest based on the theme Kwismas in the World of Twelve! How do you celebrate the holidays in your nation? What's on the menu for this special occasion? How do you decorate your tree? What are your traditions? Add to your fanart the symbol of your nation, and you're all set for this contest!

How to Participate?

  • The fanart must be matching the theme “Kwismas in the World of Twelve” but with a twist as it must include a symbol of the nation of your choice (Bonta, Brakmar, Amakna, Sufokia, Riktus)!
  • Each participant must only submit one fanart by posting it in the entry thread
  • You can choose to use traditional (pencil, pens), or digital (computer) methods, in black and white or colored.
  • Any text in the fanart must be in English.
  • You may use references to get inspiration from but the fanart must be of your own creation.
  • The fanart must adhere to the Forum Rules of Conduct.
  • Entries that are edited will be disqualified – if you wish to resubmit an entry, please edit and replace your previous entry with ‘DELETED’ and submit a new post.
  • You can use sites such as to upload your entry and paste the submission into your forum message.
  • The contest ends on the 18th of December 5:00 PM CET.


The Rewards

1st Place

  • 1x Ecaflip costume which adapts to your hair colour! (early access)
  • 1x Emote "Just do It"
  • 1x 30 days God Booster

2nd Place
  • 1x Emote "Just do It"
  • 1x 30 days God Booster

3rd Place
  • 1x 30 days God Booster

To your drawings, it is now time to get creating!


Submit your entries here!