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A year ago already, we launched our financing campaign for the release of Wakfu the Series – Season 3. Many of you supported us, and now, we really appreciate it! A few months from Season 3's release on Netflix International, a little feedback on the Wakfunding adventure is essential…

Hello everyone,

Following your feedback, we became aware of a translation error in the English version of the Wakfunding 2016 news. Indeed, the word « uncommon » was translated into « Exclusive », a word with a whole other meaning.

We therefore decided to cancel the Wakfunding 2017 offer. Of course, we will refund the purchases made since the publication of the news this morning.

We apologize for this mistake and offer the Little Ogrest costume to all the players who participated in the Wakfunding 2016 (on the Wakfu shop only). This costume is only given to the players who took part in the 2016 Wakfunding campaign and won’t appear in any marketing offer or a contest.

We want to thank you for the support you showed us back in 2016 ! Thanks to you, we managed to produce a third season of our favourite TV show, WAKFU ! So many many thanks for following us and sharing your passion for this Universe we all love so much.

Thank you everyone, and we apologize again for the inconvenience.

In early September, a new adventure came to life on the France 4 TV channel: That of WAKFU the Series – Season 3. Yugo, Amalia, Percedal, and all the others did it once again for your (and our!) greatest pleasure. And thanks to whom? To you!

Indeed, one year ago, many of you answered the call of Wakfunding, eager to see your favorite heroes again! If the new twists and turns of the Brotherhood of the Tofu have been a true success, it's because of you. That's why we wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for your participation in this adventure, which you took part in with great kindness (and sometimes impatience, but how could we blame you for that?).

Your being in game, just as being in front of your televisions, has been the greatest encouragement for us!

To thank you for your trust and loyalty, we have decided to put all of the Wakfunding items on sale. You'll find them in the new series category that will now bring together all the items related to our series and other animated productions from the Krosmoz.

If you missed the Drheller Mount, the Percedal Finisher, or the I am Yugo Emote, it's time to make things right! Did you take part in Wakfunding? Then there's some goods news: You have a special discount on these same items!

Available on Netflix France from October 30, the third season of WAKFU, the Series, will also be available on Netflix International from April 2018.

Between now and then, we'll see you in the game and on Netflix France to see (or see again?) the thirteen episodes of the latest season!



  • The Wakfunding items are linked to your account.
  • The promotion is not available via mobile phone payments (such as Audiotel).