While Ogrest does have an obnoxious tendency to dominate center stage, he's not the only guest in Update 1.55 – far from it. Sure, he may be the main course. But the side dishes are nothing to sneeze at either: rebalancing, redesigns, rewards, and interfaces… There's no shortage of new features to sink your teeth into!

For the complete menu with all the juicy details, check out the changelog!

But if you're really starving for a taste, here's a little appetizer

  • Pet redesign
  • New interface for professions
  • Fusion of the three Weapons Master professions
  • New rewards in end-of-season chests
  • Redesign of the Riktus, Crackler, and Field Plants families
  • A new spell mechanic that the Srams are going to love…

All in all, it should be enough to keep you busy until your next trip up Mount Zinit!

Welcome to the new update!