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Update 1.55 has unlocked the latest Ultimate Boss – Ogrest! We are issuing a challenge to all Twelvians to be the first of your server to triumph over him!

As an adventurer, you have waited for this moment your whole life! Now you can finally give a good spanking on this ogre whose outburst ravaged your beloved world. Strengthen your armor and sharpen your blades, this fight will be tough!

While battling Ogrest, a damage counter is displayed. This time, we are not asking for you to be the first to defeat the Ultimate Boss, but to be the first to survice and reach a certain level of damage. To win this challenge, you need to be the first group of your server to deal 2,000,000 or more damage to Ogrest!

Ogrest is for players level 200 and rewards 36 new items including:

  • 1 relic obtained via a new quest
  • 1 epic earned via an achievement
  • 28 equipment dropped depending on your damage to Ogrest (see the devblog)
  • The Primordial Set (consisting of 6 equipment) available at the dungeon token machine
  • 2 decorations and 1 background book via achievements as well as the 9 pieces composing the statue of Ogrest
The relic and the epic

To give you a bit more insight, Ogrest has

  • 6 different phases
  • 10,000,000 HP!

Here is some of the equipment that you can redeem via the dungeon token machine

Event: Server First - Ogrest

As with each release of a new Ultimate Boss, we will reward the first group of players on each server to win our challenge.

But that's not all! This time we will also reward the first 100 players of the Ogrest Ladder Board at the end September.

  • The event is open for Nox, Remington, and Phaeris players
  • Form a full party which can be composed of your friends, guildmates or even Heroes.
  • Once you have reached the 2,000,000 or more damage mark at the end of combat, post a screenshot of the reward UI in this thread, along with each of your group member's character name, forum name, guild, and server
  • The dev team will verify the entries. The first group per server deemed valid by the dev team wins! 
  • The first 100 players of the Ogrest Ladder Board will be verified as well by the dev team at the end of September

The Loots
  • 1 x Milimoowolf Set
  • 1 x Hero Booster Pack 30 days
  • 1 x Title: Savior of the World of Twelve
  • 1 x Costume of choice between Buffalo Soldier or PeeVeePee

For the first 100 players of the Ogrest Ladder Board at the end of September
  • 1 x Title: Guardian of Equilibrium

Challengers of Ogrest can enter the dungeon starting from 00:01 server time on the 1st of September!


  • If you used the Heroes System, the Heroes Booster Pack will  be credited once per account
  • The title, costume, and set are linked to the account and will be credited once per character
  • Ogrest is available to players with a Booster Pack