As surprising as it might seem, Ogrest hasn't always been the irascible giant the Twelvians know today. Just like you, the ogre was once small, fragile, and innocent. A creature that was just a tad clumsy, certainly, but with a heart as big as the Krosmoz. Discover the story of this inadvertent "monster"…

Ogrest is to alchemy what the tarte Tatin is to desserts: a mistake, which turned into something marvelous! At least that's how it was, and still is, recounted by his creator: Otomai, the greatest alchemist in the World of Twelve.

It was in his laboratory, perched at the very top of the Tree Keeholo in the middle of Canopy Village, that Ogrest came to be. Grabbing the wrong phial, accidentally dropping a flask, or dropping brushes into potions: it can even happen to the best! And that's how Ogrest, a creature of muscle and… well, more muscles, was born. It must be admitted that it's pretty rare to have Ogrines, an ultra-concentrated form of Wakfu, running through your veins.

Otomai quickly realizes that the little ogre doesn't do things half-heartedly. Not only does he possess a dimensional stomach, which gives him an insatiable hunger, but even the littlest of his tears can, by itself, cause a gigantic tidal wave! Those two little details required extra attention and vigilance from his "Papa"…


Beauty and the Beastly

Despite all the love given him by Otomai and the two assistants, Stone and Rochette, the days were long, and loneliness began to plague the little creature's life. Until the day that Stone introduced him to Dathura, a doll that was plunged into a deep sleep ever since her heart, also made of Ogrine, was broken.

Ogrest didn't need more than a couple seconds to fall in love. From misadventures to blunders, it was finally thanks to his tears with extraordinary powers that her heart started beating again. 

Ogrest's Love 

A perfect, and not to mention divine, romance had started. Underneath that mass of biceps and flesh, little Ogrest was hiding a big heart. But the doll always wanted more and taking human form became her priority. She knew: Ogrest was ready to do anything to make his beloved happy. Not being in the habit of doing anything halfway, Ogrest got it in his head to do the impossible: to reunite the precious 6 Primordial Dofus to help Dathura realize her dearest wish. But the Ogrine flowing through his veins didn't mix well with the powerful dragon eggs. So much so that the twelve gods themselves were disconcerted and couldn't manage to control the "beast"!

In trying to do good, Ogrest did the worst thing: he scared Dathura who then disappeared into the abysses of time…


From Love, Chaos

Love stories generally don't end well. At least that's what most Twelvians will tell you. Beside himself with grief, the ogre ran to hide on the highest peak in the World of Twelve: Mount Zinit. There, hidden from view, he lets his tears flow and flow, and after just a few minutes, the World of Twelve transformed into a giant swimming pool!

Ogrest's Chaos 

It was a veritable deluge which would completely devastate the world's ecosystem, and lots of adventurers lost their lives. Most of the few survivors were traumatized forever. But there were some among them who were still belligerent enough to decide to do the unthinkable: go give that whiny ogre a good lesson! 

Ogrest is waiting for you!