Since its first issue, Gamakna, the digital magazine for Ankama's universes, has closely followed the news and what's going on behind the scenes of Season 3 with those who brought it to life. We'll review three issues that brought Season 3 to life inside.

Gamakna 0 (January-February 2017)

In this edition, Ntamak, the producer of Season 3, explains the concepts that underscore this new season, which has been unanimously described as more mature and darker than the previous ones. Backing up his thoughts, expounded and illustrated in "Faded to Black", another article was dedicated to the villains of the series and how they've evolved.

This issue also saw the premiere of a "documentary" series, WAKFU Backstage, which detailed from A to Z, in 11 steps, the precess of creating a given scene.

Gamakna 1 (March-April 2017)

Ntamak reports on how work is advancing, and we continue with the theme that was introduced in issue 0, traditional and Flash animation, with two eminent specialists of these complementary techniques.

Two parts of WAKFU Backstage complete this chapter.

Gamakna 2 (May-Juin 2017)

Ntamak is still there, just like WAKFU Backstage! This time, they're joined by Kuri, Ankama's "first employee" (it's official!), who's going back to the beginning of Season 3, all the way back to the animated intro to the WAKFU MMO, and touching on Welsh & Shedar and other inspirations…

And we're preparing for the broadcast at the start of the school year with a summer marathon of the series.

Happy reading!

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