The depths of the World of Twelve are finally ready to reveal their terrible secret today... Jump into the game to discover the all-new Necros and Paladirs extension!

No sooner has their god made his appearance in the game than they've already done irreparable harm! The disciples of Enutrof, the newest member of the Krosmaga pantheon, have held nothing back in their dark exertions.  As a result of all their frantic digging, they've managed to release an ancient evil, a secret painstakingly buried at the planet's core by the gods themselves...

But enough talk! You probably knew all that already. More than ever, the World of Twelve needs your help to send these evil Necros back to the grave. So stop waiting around and come join the fight alongside the Paladirs, the valiant warriors who are boldly resisting the invaders!

Come and join Krosmaga now to discover:

  • 150 brand-new cards!
  • A ninth god: Enutrof the Great Scrooge.
  • New gameplay mechanics.
  • And two new tribes: the Necros and the Paladirs.

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