As the World of Twelve speeds by, more adventurers racing to achieve glory all the time, there's a humble kingdom of uncompromising Sadidas that continues to resist persecution. Francis Laliane recently visited the place, and he came away with a whole new perspective on life.

Who hasn't dreamed of defeating the monstrous Ogrest? It's the thing that gets any self-respecting Twelvian's heart pounding – the perfect culmination of a life of adventure. And if you want to go down in history, you'll have to climb all the way up Mount Zinit before you can teach the ornery old ogre a lesson… giving him a real reason to cry, as it were!

Francis Laliane is one of many adventurers to heed the call of Mount Zinit, fully prepared to overcome his fear of heights to scale that unrivaled mountaintop, as if a magnet was attracting him with some kind of divine, irresistible force. He hasn't said a great deal about how his adventure concluded, but among all his travels, and the many visits to Twelvian villages and communities under his belt, one particular event left a profound impression. A place – more precisely, a kingdom – moved him more deeply than anywhere else. What most struck him was its authenticity, as well as its people who remain humble despite having weathered a few storms in their time.

Of course we're speaking of the Sadida Kingdom. Sent by a Twelvian alchemist to retrieve an item for a potion, Mr. Lalianewould meet a people living in perfect harmony with nature.

"The people were so friendly and warm… Just coming back from Dor'Mor Cave, I have to admit it took some getting used to! And yet they had just experienced a terrible tragedy. I feared I was disturbing them and thought they would send me away so they could take care of business. But not at all! Those kind souls… They welcomed me with open arms, showering me with flowers!"

Laliane has spent a lifetime making new acquaintances, some good and some bad. Once again, if he had to choose a favorite, it would in fact be the "inseparable duo," as he likes to call them: Renata and Canar, a pair of Sadidas who are joined at the hip and constantly bickering.

 "Oh, Renata and Canar… Stewards and confidants to Princess Sheran Sharm. Despite their misfortune, those two were always so alive. How they managed to maintain their energy and good nature eludes me. Quite the comedians, too! Many Twelvians would do well to follow their example… And I'll be the first!" Laliane confided.

Then there's the famous Sheran Sharm, father of Armand and Amalia and ruler of the Sadida Kingdom.  Francis Laliane was lucky enough to meet him as well.

"He commands respect with his presence and his wisdom. He's a very attentive king, concerned about his subjects' well-being. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see his children, but it seems the young Amalia is already quite the tenacious one! As you'd expect of a real princess!"

According to Mr. Laliane, just as he was preparing to leave the kingdom, the king invited him to meditate at the Tree of Life.

"It was simply incredible! Every adventuring Twelvian should have to experience this at least once. I felt all my chakras open up (though I have no idea what those are), I was one with nature, my feet became roots, my fingers splayed out like wings, my head resembled a great big kokonut and… well, come to think of it, I thought I was a Pikoko!"

It's clear to see that Francis Lalianedid not return from his journey entirely unscathed. So, dear reader, will you be able to resist the call of the forest?