Enjoy the cutest game ever spawned by the Krosmoz, and discover the pets of the World of Twelve in a whole new way: DOFUS Pets, the all-Ankama Tamagotchi-style game, is coming to Android and iOS on July 3rd!

After an intense eight months of production, the team is proud and anxious to present the latest mobile project from Ankama Games: DOFUS Pets!

Free to play on a smartphone or tablet, DOFUS Pets offers you a critter from the World of Twelve to adopt and take care of until it's all grown.

Some will notice similarities with the Tamagotchi, a mini-console born in Japan that swept the school playgrounds in the 90's. That's no accident: DOFUS Pets is based on the same concept, but with a much more updated feel and expanded gameplay features – and it all fits into the unique, whimsical world of the Krosmoz.

It wouldn't be the Krosmoz without transmedia. Here we could say cross-media: you start your pet-owning adventure by choosing between a Bow Meow, Tofu, or Boon and then manage your pet's daily life however you see fit, nudging it toward one of six possible evolutions.

But when your game is over and you and your pet have become inseparable, why shouldn't you be able to find it again in your favorite games? That's right – every pet you raise to maturity will be unlockable in WAKFU, DOFUS Touch, DOFUS MMO, and soon KROSMAGA!


So, to recap:

  • DOFUS Pets is a free-to-play mobile game.
  • It'll be available for tablet or smartphone on iOS or Android.
  • It comes out July 3rd, 2017.
  • Three pets will be available at launch: the Bow Meow, the Tofu, and the Boon.
  • For each pet, 6 evolutions will be available.
  • That's a total of 18 pets to collect in WAKFU!

Get updates about DOFUS Pets at

Comments (16) Comment on the forum...
cody5 - Member - 14 June 2017 16:51
Well I guess they did say they wanted cross-game mechanics, though taking care of pets ona phone to unlock cards in a CCG is hohnestly not what I expected
Lukinerx - Member - 14 June 2017 17:40
Wakfu mobile when?
Arkolak - Member - 14 June 2017 17:56
Where can we see ingame stats for pets?
Gimonfu - Member - 14 June 2017 18:43
Pets in Krosmaga???
As actual pets or just cards??
JSky - Member - 15 June 2017 04:33
It is linked to Dofus or Wakfu? or to Krosmaga?
Welilole - Member - 15 June 2017 08:31
[Flatops] - Administrator - 15 June 2017 08:35
Hello everyone,

Thank you for the enquiries, we've forwarded them to the DOFUS Pets team and we'll get back to you once we've received feedback.
Dmeto - Member - 15 June 2017 16:12
gona need more pet sheds ^^
grougaloragrande - Member - 15 June 2017 16:31
18 more?,yes we gonna need more room to keep them,are all the same stats? And Dofus has lots of pets so this means we'll see diferent family in the future?how many of the same kind can we transfer ,linked or not?.
Rokugatsu - Member - 16 June 2017 16:00
Ok, im actually excited, no kidding