Has your nickname become a drag? Did you think it was funny when you chose it but now it seems ridiculous? Was it a reference to the love of your life… whom you now cordially despise? In short, you don't like your nickname. Good news: now you can change it!

You asked for it, Ankama did it! Starting today, a new service is available in the Shop: the Nickname Change.

Consider it well, weigh the pros and cons… and when you've made your decision, you just need to go to the Shop, open the Services tab, and click in the right spot

ATTENTION: this service concerns your player nickname, associated with your Ankama account, and not the name of your character in the game (there's already the Name Change Potion for that)!

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grougaloragrande - Member - 12 June 2017 16:19
I like mine.tks
snaaaaail - Member - 12 June 2017 16:25
:O free?
Darmathron - Member - 12 June 2017 17:47
Five bucks for changing your nick that literally affects nearly nobody? If it was for lets say a thousand ogrines, i'd consider it, but 5 bucks for that is way too much while other services offer such stuff for free.
cody5 - Member - 12 June 2017 18:17
It would be nice if we get one for free, like in most other games
Arkolak - Member - 12 June 2017 18:18
I'd probably do it if there was an ogrines option, made this account whan I was 12 or so so not the biggest fan of the forum name now
xosakura - Member - 12 June 2017 21:53
i needed this tysm
metzada - Member - 12 June 2017 22:07
Those infamous taint of humankind in our blacklist will still be blocked after they change their names?
Zansky - Member - 13 June 2017 03:07
Thank you so much!! I have been tired of my nickname for so long now - I finally have the chance to change it!
[Flatops] - Administrator - 13 June 2017 11:46
Hello everyone,

If you change your account nickname, it will automatically be updated in-game as well, though it could take up to an hour for it to reflect. Your friends do not need to add you again in their list, but they might ask who you are, so better let them know!
---hyde - Member - 14 June 2017 12:17
For this, I'm grateful. Finally won't be named after the old ruler of Mesopotania XD
*thumb up*