Your favorite heros are in the new WAKFU Season 3 trailer. Evangeline, Percedal, Amalia, Yugo and Ruel find themselves in the heat of battle once again. They'll have to stay on their toes to keep from getting burned!

The Brotherhood of the Tofu are getting ready to sweep you up in another of their epic adventures! Did the first teaser trailer make your mouth water? Then feast your eyes on the latest trailer from the WAKFU Animated Series! You'll be drooling like Ruel over a pound of kamas!

Many months have passed since the last time we saw the Brotherhood of the Tofu, and a lot has changed, but that won't stop them from taking up their arms again and answering the call of adventure when the world needs them. Don't worry, heroism is like riding a bike, you never really forget!

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BentoPhd - Member - 12 June 2017 15:24
TibiAPAC - Member - 12 June 2017 15:44
I didn't watch most of season 2 so I don't know if this already happened, but is that a teaser for nox returning?
RynthZero - Member - 12 June 2017 16:13
Lady Echo I am hyped
Gimonfu - Member - 12 June 2017 16:47
Nice, this promises lots of battle action.

Though...... "corresponds to a future god"??????
Do the CURRENT gods not get a say in this or are they on extended vacation?
Lukinerx - Member - 12 June 2017 18:43
> every demigod/current Gods kids/future gods (?) looks badass
> except Osamodas demigod

it's a loli that love to stick finger in nose and behave like moron?

not like this

I can understand loli Mishell in Dofus but isn't she suppose to be teen/adult in Wakfu era? unless Mimi the Marvelous/Michelène Tordsabots =/= Mishell
trapmaster2712 - Member - 13 June 2017 00:32
PLEASE stop torturing us and give us the series already !
XeaLova92 - Member - 13 June 2017 09:12
been waiting since 2013, long before i decided to tried play the game. at least give us the date when it's going to release. god damit !
DracoTemporis - Member - 13 June 2017 20:44
is S3 going to be on Netflix and will their be a English dub???
wolffang5955 - Member - 13 June 2017 22:02
its going 2 b lit!!!!!!!
AltairStarkiller - Member - 14 June 2017 15:53
will there a new Exclusive in game merchadise? but not like wakfunding