Gobbowl is a lot like any other sport. Some people play it on the field, while others prefer to talk about it! The designers of the World of Twelve have created a unique room specially designed for that second group: the Gobbowl Fan Bedroom! It's available in the Shop for 900 OG!

Pass the word to your friends, then head straight for your goal: the Shop! It's a lot easier to get to than the opposing team's goal on a Gobbowl field, and there's a whole new room there starting today: the Gobbowl Fan Bedroom!

Let's take a look at the lineup… of furniture, that is:

  • Gobbowl Fan Bed
  • Gobbowl Fan Table
  • Gobbowl Fan Cupboard
  • Gobbowl Fan Dresser
  • Gobbowl Fan Plant
  • Gobbowl Fan Screen
  • Gobbowl Fan Game
  • Gobbowl Fan Lamp
  • Gobbowl Fan Carpet
  • Gobbowl Fan Stuffed Toy

Surround yourself with all the trappings of your favorite sport for 900 OG!

Cairen - Member - 12 June 2017 11:04
obligatory 1st
Gimonfu - Member - 12 June 2017 12:36
No grand standing flags???? I am disappointed.
Also could you PLEASE disable that "forced"-auto-correct in the shop it is annoying if you want to search for "gobbowler" (or other stuff) and the shop forces a much more restricted term onto you, if you don't hit enter fast enough...
grougaloragrande - Member - 12 June 2017 14:39
And when are we going to see the changes you mentioned before to the sub packs and what are the changes,don't forget you said this month,let's see if you stick to the plan.