A new zone between ice and fire, two new monster families (each as terrifying as the other), chapter 3 of the Zinit quest, the professions revamp… All of this is waiting for you in Update 1.54, available now in Beta!

In this Beta, you'll be able to get an idea about what to expect in the upcoming Update 1.54! Come and discover it with us!

Fans of exploration will be able to venture into a new zone between fire and ice; will you be able to survive an environment as hostile as this? You may just encounter new monsters that are ferocious and strong enough to live in these climatic conditions. Make sure you're ready before venturing there, unless you want to end up as their dinner!

Lovers of History with a capital "H" will be able to enjoy a whole new chapter that is being added to the Mount Zinit quest. Discover a kingdom – one that you already know quite well – in a whole new light! Bring your hankies: this new chapter may be highly emotional.

Lastly, the handiest among you will be able to discover the ongoing recipe revamp, in order to move on to the new Astrub model!

While waiting for the update, it's time to get Beta testing! Don't forget to give us your feedback on the forum.