To celebrate the arrival of one of the most beautiful four-legged companion ever, we are holding four prize draws simultaneously so that each community (FR, EN, ES et PT) has a chance to win the Dauge, that most precious pup, in the furry flesh! But you’ll have to share profusely if you want to share the love...

4 prize draws with 4 Dauge pets to be won per community!

How? If you have as much enthusiasm as the most wow of canines in a frantic dash for the ball, nothing could be easier!

On our site:

Describe Mount Zinit in the comments section below this article using words like, ”such…”, very…” or another answer that sounds like it might have come from out of the jowls of the Dauge itself.

PRIZE: 1 Dauge pet to win, drawn from all the Dauge comments.

On YouTube:

Count the number of hot-dauges hidden in the video and give us your answer in the comments section (so, on YouTube) making sure to provide your nickname in the forum and your community. For example: 8 - Sabi - EN.

PRIZE: 1 Dauge pet to be won in a prize draw comprised of all the correct answers in the video’s comments section.


On Facebook:

Leave a comment about the photo on Facebook telling us why you would love a Dauge by your side.


PRIZE: 1 Dauge pet to be won in a prize draw comprising everyone who made a comment praising the Dauge.

On Twitter:

Retweet the video!

PRIZE: 1 Dauge pet to be won in a prize draw comprising all the retweets.

Remember that there’s a Dauge pet to be won in each draw and for each community!

All of the Dauge events starts today and ends on the 25th of April 9:59 PM UTC.

Make us go wow in the forums and social networks and take a Dauge home under your arm! A winning look!