A new update has been published on the beta server and we're sure you're in a rush to discover all the new stuff. And what if we discovered them together with a contest allowing you to win exclusive titles on your server?

The next update contains three major new features: the dungeon ranking, the first part of Mount Zinit, and the Sacrier class revamp. Devblogs are being prepared in order to tell you more about these in detail. For the moment, we're going to concentrate on the dungeon ranking!
As always, your feedback is very important for us and we pay a lot of attention to it. The beta exists in order to discuss the game with the players and make changes to our functionalities if need be. That's why we're suggesting that we have a look at the dungeon ranking together!

The Idea

From February 23rd to March 24th, we will name three different dungeons each week, corresponding roughly to 3 level groupings (80, 100, and 150) so that everyone can get in on the fun! Your goal is to be ranked first in these dungeons! At the end of each week, we'll reward the top group of each of these three predefined dungeons.
But that's not all! The teams have worked to give certain dungeons a makeover. Do you want to try them out? That's good because they'll be in the spotlight for our contest so that you can give us your feedback!

The Rewards

For the top groups each week, we've created an exclusive title, just for this occasion! There will be 3 groups per week over 3 weeks that will be rewarded. Didn't win the first week? No problem! Come back and try your luck again the next week!
The top won't be the only ones rewarded. Actually, everyone who participates in the contest will receive a different title evidencing their participation in this feature's development during the beta.

And the best part of all of it? We're suggesting several titles in a survey, and you're the ones who are going to choose! Isn't life wonderful?

If you're ready to take on the challenge…

We'll start right now!

Week 1:

From 12:00 PM CET on Thursday, February 23rd to 12:00 PM CET on Thursday, March 2nd, you can go measure your ability against three very different bosses:
  • The Trool Academy dungeon, modified (Lvl. 81-95) 
  • The Dancehall Arena, modified (Lvl. 96-110)
  • The Srambad Dungeon (Lvl. 141-156)

For information about the modifications, visit here for the changelog. Download the Beta client here.

Week 2:

From 12:00PM CET on Friday, March the 10th to 12:00 PM CET on Friday, March the 17th, you can go deal with three other dungeons :

  • Mollusky Dungeon, Zinit (Lvl.41-65)
  • Jelly Dungeon, modified (Lvl.96-110)
  • Mecha Factory Dungeon (Lvl.156-170)
Week 2:

From 3:00PM CET on Friday, March the 17th to 3:00 PM CET on Friday, March the 24th, you can go deal with three other dungeons :

  • Royal Puddly Dungeon (Lvl.66-81)
  • The Ambassador's Wing, modified (Lvl.111-126)
  • Nyl Crocodyl Dungeon (Lvl.171-186)