You can't celebrate a birthday on the fly! WAKFU's fifth birthday is a cause for a month-long celebrationUntil March 5th, get ready, it's time to party!

Let's keep the party rolling and continue the celebration! 

We'll be giving a second surprise gift to all players that log-in between the 17th of February (00:00 AM server time) and the 24th of February (11:59 PM server time). The gift will be injected to your Gift Box the week after the 24th.

If you're wondering what the gift is, we'll let you dream about it!

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XboxMLG - Member - 16 February 2017 17:34
Captchphrase - Member - 16 February 2017 17:41
Can we have a hint for the gift please? Hate surprises.
KrystianKaem - Member - 16 February 2017 17:58
What was a first gift? Cuz I dont get it. Even if I log in everyday : (
Jusnee - Member - 16 February 2017 19:18
trapmaster2712 - Member - 16 February 2017 19:34
keep them coming
SIRPercidal - Member - 16 February 2017 19:50
second gift? cool, you dont give me first gift :/
EarthyMadness - Member - 16 February 2017 20:26
First gift is supposed to be released on the week of Feb 18-24, it's not time yet.
DarkHadoo - Member - 16 February 2017 22:26
2 gifts for the celebration!!,nicely done, we notice your work Ankama nicely done indeed, things seem to be moving a lot more for the past month. Keep it up and we will follow you to Remi.
SplingSplingSpling - Member - 16 February 2017 22:44
Sweet, I'm looking foward to it smile
Aqualad - Member - 16 February 2017 23:57
Erm... what was the first gift again?