Let's be honest... All the lovebirds in the World of Twelve are waiting impatiently for the Saint Ballotwine holiday for one reason, and one reason only: presents! And that is something we completely understand. That's why, from February 14th through February 17th, we are giving you the possibility to win a nice lil' prize thanks to the Love Ticket!

On this romantic holiday, pull out all the stops for the one you love! The traditional bouquet of roses of course (just make sure they aren't demonic, because if they are, you run the risk of spending the most romantic holiday of the year all alone, or in the company of your familiar), a box of the World of Twelve's finest chocolates, but also (and especially), the cherry on top of the Humble Pie, a little game that requires a certain dexterity, as well as agile hands...

the LOve ticket !

The aim of the game is similar to that of Jackpot the Ripper, which was all the rage last Al Howin. From February 14th through February 17th, you will receive two scratch tickets per day, as well as a package full of presents, which includes:
  • A stuffed, heart-shaped Haven Bag (deco)
  • A Bouquet of Red Roses (deco)
  • A Romantic Chair (deco)
  • A Ballotwine Bed (deco)
  • A Candlelit Table (deco)
  • A candy apple (consumable, level 15 Wisdom)
  • An ice cream cone (consumable, level 15 Prospecting)
  • A Wise Sweetie (consumable, level 100 Wisdom)
  • A Pink Gobball Costume
To participate in this game, all you need is an active January 2017 Booster Pack.
As the famous proverb says: "Unlucky in love, lucky at cards!" Or is it "Unlucky in love, lucky at hunting"? Or "Unlucky in love, lucky at sloubi"...? Come to think of it, "Unlucky in love, lucky at ping-pong" has a nice ring to it, too... Anyway, it doesn’t matter! The best way to find out is to try your luck!

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