With a month and a half under its belt already, 2017 can seem a bit gloomy… Fortunately, Gamakna is here! It's the free magazine which reveals Ankama to you, behind the scenes. Read it on your PC, or download it on your tablet or smartphone!


Gamakna is a digital magazine which discusses all of Ankama's current affairs. The goal? To discuss, in depth and in one place, all of Ankama's projects, and to flesh out the more spontaneous information which pops up on the websites and social networks. Do you want to find out more about WAKFU, DOFUS and the rest of Ankama's universes? You've come to the right place.

A lot of patience will have been necessary before seeing the GAMAKNA formally release in the different languages and formats, but there we finally are: the digital magazine of all things Ankama is available in French, English, and Spanish, on smartphone, tablets, and PC... free of charge, of course!

This #0 issue has let us test several things, regarding the style as much as the content, and we have learned a lot. Before the next proper issue, scheduled for March, you'll be able to read a special issue about Krosmaga, slated for release around the same time as the divinely strategic card game... (yes, you read right, a special issue before we've even got two issues to rub together! Well, at least, now you know that we are planning to keep this digital magazine thing going in the long term).

The idea of Gamakna came from the desire to go further than the Letter to the Community. To tell you and show you more about the games that interest you, but also about those that you may not know well enough (or at all).




More than a paper magazine

Even though Ankama's magazine is made up of articles, sections, focus points and interviews, we want to go beyond this framework and offer interactive content: that's why all of the pages can be shared, you'll find videos, animations, special effects, mini-games… The limits of the printed press are no more!


The Krosmoz, but that's not all!

Yes, the Krosmoz is the cornerstone of our creations, but here, it's a matter of giving an equal amount of space to each of Ankama's productions.


Interaction between our teams and our community

Gamakna is also a way for us to highlight the work of everyone at Ankama and the passion of our community, and then to create links between these two worlds.



New columns, new meetings, and new formats (audiovisual, fun videos, etc.)…


…but some old ones too!

Our fans from the outset will be able to rediscover certain content they might have been missing in DOFUS Mag, WAKFU Mag, and IG. Tell us what you'd like to see in it, and we'll do everything we can to make it happen. We already have a few ideas…


Exclusives and gifts

Although the magazine is free, we don't plan on stopping there, and we'll try our best to offer you something extra in each edition, to reward you for the interest you show in our projects.


Knowing ourselves better

We want to know even more about the people who make up our community, but also, we'd like to show you all of the characters who work here. Knowing ourselves better means we'll be better at meeting your expectations, satisfying you, and getting you involved: creating a positive loop and a circle of trust.

While waiting to achieve these desires, we'll let you get started on GAMAKNA #0! Happy reading!


* Gamakna is not available for Windows Phone yet, but we will fix that as soon as possible.
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Raziel-Shadower - Member - 17 February 2017 15:41
nice finally!
laifu - Member - 17 February 2017 22:13
Lots of great and exciting information here... but I wonder why they went through all the trouble of doing some weird adobe hybrid format for a 'magazine' (an already dying format), when this all could of been done in a plain ol' webpage and not been as weird and janky as what is presented
[Sabi] - Administrator - 17 February 2017 22:31
Raziel-Shadower|2017-02-17 06:41
nice finally!

And we want to thank the community for your patience, and hope that you will share with us more of your thoughts regarding the content. smile
Taku- - Member - 17 February 2017 22:42
At the of BadZ's editorial article it states:  The calender at the end of this article will tell you more about what's coming next:  PVP, ecosystem, new class... the rest might just be to your liking!

There is no calender beneath that.  There's no calender at the end of any Wakfu article, or at the end of the Gamakna itself so far as I've seen.  Is it hidden somewhere, did I miss it, or is it really not there, and the only real info on 2017 they even hinted at is missing (along with the promised info about Dofus 3, still)?

Also, why is it that Dofus has two articles based around its plans for the year (eSport and Dofus Touch) and Wakfu has literally nothing aside from "yeah we're gonna be redoing Zinit, that place no one cares about, and add LEADERBOARDS to stasis dungeons!  You know, like those arenas we added and then took away from you for no reason!  Don't worry guys, we definitely won't take them away again, and there's definitely a good reason to care about them this time!"

It's [current year], why does it feel like wakfu is a dying game that's still in beta?
Gimonfu - Member - 17 February 2017 23:08
Ah, finally.
Though i must say the format is really weird, especially that border at the top,it makes up like a fifth of my browser window, yes i got a rather small screen.

PS: why doesthis kind of forum deletemy postsevery now and then??? Iwrote practically the same like half an hour ago...
Toastman7 - Member (+) - 18 February 2017 00:50
Wakfu website:
Do you want to find out more about WAKFU, DOFUS and the rest of Ankama's universes? You've come to the right place.

Dofus website:
Do you want to find out more about DOFUS and the rest of Ankama's universes? You've come to the right place.
[Sabi] - Administrator - 18 February 2017 01:05
We understand that there are many questions regarding what will be coming for WAKFU, but I can reassure you that we do have many good surprises and content for 2017. There will be more editions of Gamakna, and we will make sure to let the team know about your questions and suggestions on content that you would like to see featured. WAKFU is far from being a dying game, it is still full of potential for all our players, and I am myself looking forward to the continuation of this year, and we have just started the celebration of its fifth birthday with a month long of goodies!biggrin
TestAccountDONOTKILL - Member - 18 February 2017 01:20
Hmm I selected the English version of Gamakna, but it's pretty clearly written in hypespeak rather than English. Fortunately I'm fluent in hypespeak so I can translate the new Wakfu information into English.

"Bug fixes"

Happy to help.
SirFerrett - Member - 18 February 2017 01:26
Thank you Sabi, that is the kind of the thing I wanted to read. biggrin

I think as a Wakfu player, it is pretty hard reading about the Dofus updates. They all seem so cool and that's also the part where I get sad for not having those in Wakfu.

Dofus and Wakfu are pretty similar, both MMO's with similar classes, so people will keep comparing these two games.

I think Wakfu players sometimes feel like the unloved child of Ankama. :p
helper321 - Member - 18 February 2017 08:51
Am I the only one who can't browse the PC one easily? , the sizes of pictures and videos isn't fixed well, and the buttons of going back or next needs to be more clearer and easier to click on, I don't know if I'm only one, I'm using google chrome.