Update 1.50 has unlocked the latest Ultimate Boss – Nogord Wungleezareed! He is issuing a race to all Twelvians to be the first of your server to beat him! Parties that can overcome this monster with 1,000,000 HP will be duly rewarded.

You read that right, 1,000,000 HP.
Nogord Wungleezareed is a prismatic dragon that has mastered the 4 elements and his gameplay reflects these. Nogord is terribly powerful and precise actions are needed to avoid its devastating attacks and come out unscathed!
Nogord is for players level 186 and higher and rewards 18 new equipment including:

  • 1 new relic– a Dofus! This relic can be equipped on the Accessory (formerly Insignia) slot
  • 1 epic
  • Various equipment that can be exchanged with tokens
  • 5 items to be crafted
  • 5 equipment dropped by Nogord itself

To give you a bit more insight about Nogord, it has
  • 32 different states of gameplay
  • 14 spells in its arsenal
  • 4 unique phases
And to remind you, it has 1,000,000 HP!

Here is some of the equipment that you can redeem via the dungeon token machine

Do you want more? Here is the 5 equipment that is dropped by Nogord!


The all-powerful dragon in Ingloriam is looking for a challenge! He wants to smell you, hear you tremble, and make you feel pain! Now, now… don’t be shy and step into the limelight.
The challenge is simple – the first group per server to defeat Nogord will receive fortune and glory!

  • The event is open for Nox, Remington and Phaeris players.
  • Form a full party, which can be composed of your friends, guildmates or even Heroes.
  • Once your group has vanquished Nogord, post a screenshot of the reward UI in this thread along with each of your group member’s character name, WAKFU forum nickname, guild and server.
  • The dev team will verify the entries. The first group (per server) deemed valid by the dev team wins!
  • Players will be able to enter the dungeon starting from 8:00 PM (server time) on 13 December.
  • 1x Milimoowolf Set
  • 1x Booster Pack 30 days + 2 Heroes*
  • 1x Title "Ultimate Dragonizer"
  • 1x Costume "Buffalo Soldier"
A few reminders
*If you used the Heroes System, this prize will be credited once per account. The title, costume and set are linked to the account and will be credited once per character.
** The new Ultimate Boss is available to players with Booster Packs.
*** The dungeon attunement (access to Nogord), is only possible if you have defeated Steel Beak and Sham Moon. 
Still can’t get over Nogord’s 1,000,000 HP? Take a moment to breathe and watch its power
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