This Monday, November 28th at 4 PM UTC, join us on the Beta server to discuss the Stasis Dungeons in good company! The WAKFU  Dev team will be present, and will talk about this brand-new feature coming to the game! However please note that the meeting will be done in French.

The most curious of you have already discovered the Stasis Dungeons since the launch of this new feature on the Beta server. This new feature will make it possible to adjust the difficulty of the dungeons to enjoy more rewards, such as bonuses on the XP gained at the end of combat, or the chances of looting items, to name a few.
We invite in-game on November 28th at 4 PM UTC on the Beta server and more precisely, at the zaap of Astrub! This is where the Devs will be present to speak with you about the Stasis Dungeons!

This will be the perfect time for you to express your opinion directly to several members of the Dev team. Your CM Sabi will also be present to help facilitate receiving your feedback to share with the Devs, if you are unable to provide French text directly.

So all you have to do is to tell us about your experience!
We will be waiting for you on the Beta server which, let us remind you, is accessible for everyone, for free!


How to access the beta?

  1. Download the beta client: Here.
  2. Log in with your usual credentials and test the new features.

Please note that any actions performed on the Beta server will not be reflected on your traditional server. In addition, since this is a Beta server, its content is still being developed, therefore, we may need to restart or update it at any time.

The Devs will not take part in any gameplay activities during this meeting with the players.

Also bear in mind that the content of this server is subject to change and does not necessarily reflect the final quality of the content that will be present in the game.