Finally, the Beta of the new Update 1.50 is coming! The highly anticipated final chapter of the Quest of Nations is now officially accessible. Don't give up now, the divine artefact is within arm's reach!

How about a good end to the week? By testing the Beta of Update 1.50, for example! There are a lot of hot new features on the menu for this update, and you get can get warmed up with Chapter 5 of the Quest of Nations!

Oh yes, all good things come to end... This final chapter will bring the Quest of Nations to a close. This time, you're headed to Sufokia, where you can finally explore Oktapodas' Sunken Temple, located in the Steamulating Shore region. The divine artefact will soon be yours!

The latest chapter will have some big surprises in store, so you know the conclusion won't disappoint...


  • Adventure, with a whole temple to explore.
  • Emotional reunions with old allies... as well as old enemies who haven't forgotten you!
  • Guaranteed thrills with new monsters who'll make you wet yourself.
  • Originality with a mode of transport that's rather... unusual!*
  • Suspense, with enigmas that will have you racking your brains...

And, we hope, a happy ending with a well deserved artefact!*

But that isn't all...

The Stasis Dungeons

We also wanted to present, in a few lines, a new concept/feature for the dungeons that we are going to implement in the Beta too.

This new concept is still in its beginning , but we wanted to start making you aware of this feature as you will get to start testing it!
The goal being to allow you to adjust the difficulty of your dungeons according to your needs. Adaptable difficulty monsters, rewards and even associated achievements, which will also earn you more rewards.
A few more perks:


  • Dungeon Keys will no longer be necessary to enter dungeons
  • A new consumable will allow you to revive yourself (only for dungeon use)
More details will come in English soon, but those who can't wait, you can read all about it on the French announcement: Here.

How can I access the beta version?

  • Download the beta client: Here.
  • Connect using your usual sign-in information and test the new content.
  • Tell us about any problems you encounter: Here.

But take note that actions performed here will not have any repercussions on the standard server. In addition, since this is a beta server, its content is still under development and we may need to restart it or update it without warning.
Also, keep in mind that the content on this server is subject to change and doesn't necessarily reflect the final quality of content present in the game.
*For information, these elements might not be available in the Beta version.
**Please note that the content of the Beta version hasn't been translated yet, so it's still entirely in French. Your feedback is always welcome on our forums!