It’s no mystery that with the new update comes the arrival of the terrifying Sham Moon! We want to use this occasion to challenge you to become the first Twelvians of your server to defeat the latest Ultimate Boss!

There’s a new king in town and his name is Sham Moon. He likes to greet his guests with a glare and the occasional blows from his hammer!
The challenge is simple - the first group per server to defeat Sham Moon will receive fortune and glory! 


  • The event is open for Nox, Remington and Phaeris players.
  • Form a full party which can be composed of your friends, guildmates or even Heroes.
  • Once your group has vanquished Sham Moon, post a screenshot of the reward UI in this thread along with each of your group member's character name, WAKFU forum nickname, guild and server.
  • Entries will be verified by the dev team. First group (per server) deemed valid by the dev team wins!
  • Players will be able to enter the new Sham Moon's Ultimate Boss dungeon* starting from 8:00 PM (server time) on 11 October.

Prizes per member

  • PeeVeePee Costume
  • Milimoowolf Set
  • 2 - Heroes for 30 days**
  • "Ultimate Exterminator" title 

* A reminder, the new Ultimate Boss is available to players with Booster Packs. 
** If you used the Heroes System, this prize will be credited once per account. The title, costume, and set will be credited once per character. 

Best of luck and may the banana be with you!