How would you like to spend a night in Astrub? While you wait to be enlightened by the powerful aura of Sham Moon, you can test all the other functions of the coming update right now. Even in the dark, our dev team is waiting to hear about any bugs... So, now, booster pack or no booster pack, access to the beta server is available to everyone! So hurry!

How can I access the beta version?

  1. Download the beta client here.
  2. Connect using your usual sign-in information and test the new content.
  3. You can report the various problems that you encounter in English and in French*.

Take note that actions performed here will not have any repercussions on the standard server. In addition, since this is a beta server, its content is still under development and we may need to restart it or update it without warning.

Also, keep in mind that the content on this server is subject to change and doesn't necessarily reflect the final quality of content present in the game.
*If you are very fluent in French, you can give us precise feedback about:

  • The Adjustable Level System. Send us feedback about this subject here.
  • The new Astrub. Send us feedback about this subject here.

A quick summary of Update 1.48

  • The Astrub redesign
  • A new ultimate boss: Sham Moon (not available on Beta)
  • The Adjustable Level System
  • The Mentorship System (not available on Beta)
  • Chapter 4 of the Quest of Nations
  • The Villainy Vineyards Dungeon

You will also benefit from a different colored username in the live game until the next beta version to show your beta-tester status. Nice!

All you have to do now is modify your timetable so that you can participate in the beta test. See you on the other side...
For more information, read all our Beta changelogs here (in French).