Want to have a holiday in a place that combines charm and elegance? With the next WAKFU 1.48 game update, come and relax in the Villainy Vineyards! The sect of the Viticultists is eager to show you their passion for wine…and of Shushus!

In this ancient building, restored by a mysterious lady, a wine that is greatly sought after by the Twelvian nobility is made! Not one gala night, not a single consular party, fails to serve this wine to guests, and everyone takes the obligatory sip! The taste is so horrendous, the color so murky, the acidity so scorching, that is known the world over as being the worst wine ever produced! 

Legend tells of foolhardy adventurers that have ventured inside, dying in the most excruciating pain imaginable. The wine has become such a symbol of danger, that merely possessing a bottle tells the rest of the world that you fear nothing.

Starting with the next game update, uncover the production secrets of this most deadly of poisons in a guided tour of the cellars! In a picturesque and traditional setting, watch the wine makers as they tend the vines, pick and stomp the grapes and pour the wine into barrels. Will you be able to recognize the mystery ingredient? Will you dare to accept the free tasting?

Visit the Villainy Vineyards* any time, day or night, and meet the workers, who love sharing their traditional savoir faire with visitors! Next stop, Monk Island, to an ancestral estate on an isolated patch of land. Who knows? You might have a chance encounter with the elegant, Dame Sydonia*, the mastermind behind this grandiose project!

The Villainy Vineyards includes:

  • A level 135 dungeon, in which the outcome of battles has an influence on the crew
  • A monster family, the Viticultists*, and its TWO bosses
  • Some recipes for crafters
  • Haven bag decorations
  • 20 items of equipment
    • 1 epic item
    • 2 sets
    • 4 items to craft

* The names used in this news are not yet final and may differ in the live update.