On this date, the full moon rises in the night sky: it's time to lift the curtain on the Ultimate Boss who will underscore the next patch… A curtain that's so transparent, you were able to identify the terrible Sham Moon… the adversary who'll drive you crazy!

Moon would have been happy reigning more or less peacefully over the Kanniballs, enjoying his island, where only a few intruders occasionally go to disturb the tranquility. But unfortunately, he's afflicted with an evil twin! Darkli Moon, his dark side, never misses an opportunity to come and haunt him. Some of you have already met him in the Kanniball Dungeon: an enemy who is as complementary to Moon as he is a brother.
Since then, Darkli Moon has regained his strength, and now it's Moon himself who's calling for your help to get rid of him… If you succeed in defeating Darkli Moon, don't cry victory too soon! Because a new, terrifying enemy awaits you: Sham Moon, the new Ultimate Boss! And if he seems a bit of a chatterbox, don't forget that he expresses himself most openly with blows from a hammer!
Incidentally, you'll have plenty of time to notice it: in an epic battle which will take place in three well-defined stages. Try to unravel his intricacies and be cleverer than him. But remember the Moon Island motto: Monkeys don't need to be taught to make faces!

The survivors, however, won't regret having suffered! The rewards will be on par with their efforts:

  • A complete Set (8 items) at the machine
  • 4 crafted items
  • 3 looted items, including 1 epic rarity, 1 emblem in seven different versions
  • 1 relic to craft at the end of a hard-to-get quest

As a little gift, here's a preview of the Set!

Can you take a lot of flack? Are you rock solid? Then we'll see you in the next update!

Please note: Sham Moon will be accessible to level 180 players: he won't be in the beta.