Ah, summer… Holidays, the beach, the gentle wavelets, the unrelenting sand that comes at us with its eyes full of anger… Err, what? Yes, you read that right! Sändskates are attacking the tourists in Bilbiza! This new phenomenon has a name: "La Mädrague!"

A rather unusual event is rocking the beach of Bilbiza: it's been invaded by Sändskates! Unless it's the beach who's found a way to repel the hoards of tourists who trample it all summer? If you want to be sure, you'll have to investigate. In any case, getting a tan seems unlikely, because these little creatures won't leave you alone. And don't think you'll have better luck in Astrub! Other creatures have crossed the seas and are wreaking havoc in the plains.
There's no time to relax in summer! Get together to face the Sändskates, find their dungeon, beat their master, and start over. Because so long as there's sand, there are Skätes! Don't forget to look for Pearls to exchange for exclusive rewards at the machine. Go to Astrub to get some details from Gnat, the Meridia of Shells!

Event content:

  • Challenges for low-level players in the Astrub Plains;
  • A family of monsters created specially for the occasion – Sändskates;
  • A quest which will lead you to the Märine Pälace, a level 30 dungeon;
  • A level 50 archmonster for the more determined players;
  • Exclusive rewards to exchange for Beach Tokens, pearls for the most precious;
  • Lots of fun!

See you in the next update!