Time to show your Guild’s great morale and sense of unity by joining this fanart contest hosted by Nell, the Meridia of Team Spirit!

For this challenge, the Meridia of Team Spirit wants you to design a fanart depicting your Guild’s esprit de corps, showing off what makes your Guild the best fellowship in the World of Twelve!
Maybe it’s a scene of your Guild engaged in an epic boss fight, or maybe it’s the way you all celebrate after that hard-earned victory.  Maybe you are all simply hanging out in an Inn, or perhaps exploring the wilds of Moon Island.  These are just samples of things that you can show in your art, what counts is that you show off your Guild at what you think is best!


  • Create an original fanart with the theme “Guilds and Team Spirit”
  • Use image hosting websites such as to upload your image in our entries thread.
  • Any text in the fanart must be in English.
  • The fanart must adhere to the Forum Rules of Conduct.
Three (3) of Nell’s favorite designs will be rewarded with
  • Angel Wings Emote
  • 1001 Claws Costume

The contest ends on the 30th of May 3:00 PM UTC.
Best of luck! We look forward to being amazed by your works!

*Results and Winners: Click here.