The second book of Wakfu Shak Shaka is available right now! Welcome to Shako Park, a town that looks like a gigantic theme park! You should never trust appearances: Yugo and his friends aren’t necessarily there to have fun...

Still seeking his family, Yugo continues on his journey towards Oma Island, accompanied by his most loyal friends. Their path is long and full of obstacles! What was bound to happen eventually did happen. The little band of friends get lost and they end up in Shako Park, a town entirely devoted to games and rides

This strange place seems to have been dreamt up by a child, Shak Shaka, the owner of this gigantic amusement park. His army of Robomats are even more intriguing... who is this bizarre character? What secrets is he hiding within his Hall of Mirrors? Will Amalia be able to resist his advances? You will know all when you read book 2 of Shak Shaka!

This new volume of the comic book adventures of the hero from the WAKFU series is published by Titan Comics at $3.99. Also available in digital format, on Comixology.