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"Fire, earth, water, air and even light, only a Huppermage masters all!”* Here's what might just be the motto of the Huppermages, the new upcoming class in WAKFU. Why? Because they master the four elements all at once!! How do you unlock this new class before its release? We will talk about it here!
*Any resemblance to a generic animated series is deliberate.

For the owners of an early access code: from the 9th of January (4:00 PM server time), you will be able to play the new class: the Huppermages!

But don’t worry, if you did not yet receive an early access code, you can gain an access from our special Huppermage pack (which will be released on the same date the Huppermages are available.) The pack will be on the WAKFU Shop and will open up Huppermage access in both WAKFU and DOFUS!

For all our dear WAKFU players, the Huppermage Class will be released in April!

So stay tuned!