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There’s a real buzz over at the Trool Fair! Could it be the Quaquack Fishing and the Enutrof Game which are eliciting so much interest? Nope, even better! It’s a universe of magic that is opening its doors to you once again. Have you guessed it yet? Kwismas World is here again, of course!


From  December 16 (10:00 AM server time) until January 6 (10:00 AM server time), a wondrous world filled with presents awaits. You’ll be snowed under with snowball fights, Kwismas snowmonster events and other “cool” activities! That’s right, Kwismas World is open to visitors, starting now!

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • 2 Dungeons (Father Kwismas's Workshop and Father Kwismas's House)
  • 7 Titles
  • 9 Haven Bag decorations
  • 1 Kwismas Set
  • 5 Consumables
  • 3 Festive Fairyworks
  • 5 Achievements
  • 6 monsters: Comman Deer, Gift Packages 1 and 2, Belva Deer, Boobytrapped Package and Father Kwismas
  • As well as 5 costumes to win: Grumpy Elf, Happy Elf, Shy Elf and Crafty Elf, without forgetting the Grinch’s Costume! Speaking of which, did you know you can also fight the Grinch as the second boss of the first dungeon?!

If you are the type to decorate your Kwismas tree, the inside of your home, your Bow Meow, your grandmother and even your cabinets. Luckily this is a good thing, because the Kwismas inspired Harnesses has just arrived! And it will make your eyes sparkle more than all the garlands of the World of Twelve together!

Kwismas Harness

  • Price : 2.500 OG
This Kwismas-themed harness can be used to equip a Dragosteed.
  • Warning: this harness can only be equipped to the Drago-Steeds and is not compatible with Dragoturkeys. This item is not tradable.
  • Available: From 10am on December 16 until 10am on January 6

Doesn’t matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, you’ll only get these presents if you show yourselves worthy!

Don’t forget to dress warmly!